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The call is coming from inside the house.

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If you are one of the unfortunate who saw a movie from 1979 called “When a Stranger Calls,” you might remember the frightening line when the police let the babysitter know the calls from the scary stranger are coming from inside the house.  Yikes, that is chilling but at least it is Hollywood.


When a Stranger Calls

But what about the creepy characters setting up shop from the inside today?  Cookies, bots, malware and more lie waiting to identify and capture data usually without our knowledge.  Mostly, we readily give the information as a convenience of use and interaction but mostly we know not where it goes or how intense the information can be sought, monetized and used without our consent.   On the heels of Sony Corps’ reported security breach last month which exposed data from over 100 million (yes million) online video game users including credit card numbers from over 12 million (yes million) customers, it is no surprise that four new privacy bills have been introduced in the US Congress recently.

One such bill, called the “do not track bill” was introduced by Senator Jay Rockefeller just today according to a Reuters news story (retrieved from my Reuters news app).  That bill calls for companies to refrain from collecting personal information about people who ask not to be tracked.  Even if the information is collected for a service, the company would have to anonymize (new term for me, thanks Reuters) or delete it once the service has been performed.

Where there is a threat, there is always new money to be made.  Mobile devices (once known as phones) are now front line of new virus and malware offenses to capture usable data that could really mess up your week among other things.  So, be looking for all of the usual suspects, Symantec, McAfee and company to help us protect ourselves from the cyber thieves.  There no longer needs to be a physical presence for the call to come from inside the house.  Just go to clean up your cookies and internet history and you’ll get just a small glimpse of how many people are parked inside your computer right now.

If your arm hairs just stood up, they should have.  We are entering a new age of digital horrors awaiting all of us innocent users.  For some insight on how to get secure without losing your mobility, check out this link:


It’s the wild west out there, so let’s be careful.  Even in 2007, researchers were already aware of major infections in the mobile space as you can see in this perhaps too detailed report from “Asian eMarketing”.

I will keep going digital and e-filing my taxes and choosing e-bills and e-statements, but I will sure be looking closely to at least recognize if my life has been breached by nefarious thieves.  As for marketers, I guess they will keep zero-ing in on my tastes and psychographics until they control my every purchase.  So be it, I’m tired of all the choices anyway… so why don’t you just tell me what I should buy.


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  1. I loved your parallel with the movie! It is a great way to look at the security issue. The baseline reference was great, but that’s the issue – is there enough education for consumers on security and privacy? It’s out there, but I always feel like I know about it because of my industry. It’s all changing at such a rapid pace, consumers really have to dig for the information and do they even know enough to care?


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