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Who gives a tweet?

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Surely we will all tire of all of this social media moderating, posting and general digital tom foolery.  Many an internet expert has pointed out the passing fancy of exciting but fleeting and fading fads created by the internet.  And just as we begin to talk about the new language of a new generation, something compels me to think just what if all of the information overload and useless tidbits of touching base will fade into a rejection of device checking and faceless texting much less tweeting ad nauseam.

Can’t we all just take a break from the incessant communication and check out once in a while?  We can certainly check out from ourselves, but it seems we can’t help but keep checking in with everyone and everything else.  I am not so concerned with shutting down my own communication, but how can I shut down the constant chirping going on without me.  Sure, I could de-friend and dis-like everyone and even un-link but not without the fear of simply dropping off the face of the earth.  Anyone know of a method for auto sending a “I’ve checked out for a while and won’t see anything you’ve been up to for the next seven days”?  Kind of like an email auto reply.  There has simply got to be some benefit to not giving a darn about new information every 60 seconds.  So what if I didn’t know Osama was killed for a day or two?  What exactly was that lack of information going to do to me and even more assuredly, what were my opinions, thoughts or comments on the subject going to add value to.

Beware marketing warriors.  The entire social, mobile, digital movement could be a fad.  The collective soul of our intended audience could just decide they don’t care to know anymore.  The only shred that might remain is anything that makes you laugh.  That is the one component that could survive the social media Armageddon that awaits us all.  So, make em laugh and you might keep getting your message across.  But make em engage in utter nonsense and meaningless drivel and you may be a part of your own new media demise. 

Blogger Tom Foremski has great insight into the notion that social media is actually mass media as most of the posting is coming from fewer posters:

“A recent Yahoo! Research report found just 20,000 elite Twitter users produce 50% of Tweets (Twitter has 150 m users). Sounds very mass-media like to me, I bet 10,000 of those users are journalists Tweeting about their stories.”

Check out his blog the demise of social media.  Then there is always just the sheer distrust that is sure to follow the proliferation of social media as a means to sell, here is another blog with a similar title, the demise of social media.

What if social media is not actually social at all.  Big business means big budgets and eventually the individual may find it hard to get noticed at all.


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Phygital and Interactigration specialist residing with one foot in old media, one foot in new media and one foot in the nether regions of cool stuff as yet defined as media. Purveyor of the idea that every brand should know every customer personally.

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  1. Thanks for linking to my post. I think social media is all what you make it. I choose to talk about things that interest me and engage in small conversations with people that often lead to bigger conversations in other places. Social, to me, is around for good. It will change and adapt but the premise of people wanting to share life with others is solid and social media does that better than anything else on the internet.


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