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If you had to pick one new medium, which would it be?

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There simply is not enough time in the day for a one-person marketing department to implement all of the digital platforms available today.  So, what to do if you can only pick one? 

Let’s assume you have a product to sell and a limited budget.  Some of the digital avenues include:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Text Promotion
  • Social Media
  • Mobile App
  • You Tube Video
  • E-mail campaign

One thing that seems to separate the digital from the traditional is the digital platform’s need for consistent updating and interaction.  With traditional media, once the creative is produced, you can just put it out there and wait to see what sales or leads are generated.  On the digital side, you have constant feedback as to what is or is not working.  In many ways, the digital front is simply very time-consuming and therefore requires a real gut check on just what your availability is for engagement.  There are certainly many forms of help in that arena, but most  require a budget commitment whether it be for an agency, consultant or software solution.

So, if we can’t do it all, what comes first.  While it may already seem old school, I would have to recommend the web site as the one first necessity in selling product.  As time and budget allow, more digital applications can and certainly should follow, but the first priority is getting the web site complete.  One interesting take on the web vs. blog consideration can be found in this You Tube video.  As time and budget allows, you have got to work on getting your site marketed and noticed.  Driving customers to your site much like getting customers to a retail store is critical to actually selling product.  Next steps in the digital realm include optimizing for search including SEO and web marketing like banner ads and pay-per-click. 

Traditional media can also play a role in driving traffic to your site.   The site, when executed correctly and generating sales can be the basis for moving into new digital platforms.  Natural extensions and additional traffic building methods can include a blog, social media, mobile apps and text promotions.  All can be added one piece at a time, which may be the only way a lonely marketing professional can tackle the digital landscape.

I enjoy Adam Singer’s blog that covers many facets of this very post.


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